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Build Your Brand with New Facebook Groups for Pages

With the recent launch of Facebook Groups for Pages there is now another way for brands, businesses and artists to reach super-fans and related groups as never before. You now have the ability to create groups or to align yourself with other groups. The ability to respond as your page rather than personally in a […]

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Start with a Local Audience

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  Having a message to get out is not always as simple as it seems. Even the perfectly written press release about your book, music release or event may not reach your target audience…especially if you are in competition on a national level. It can be a great idea to start with your local media […]

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How to Create Headlines that Get More Clicks and Conversions

Creating an enticing headline is not easy. If you have been publishing posts and you still don’t see an increase in traffic, you have to look at your strategies again. They might not work well for the people you are targeting. Take a step back and find the pattern in all the posts that you […]

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