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Become the Expert: Niche Content


When creating content to be shared, the impulse is to reach as many people as possible. The problem is that there is a lot of competition, and that you may have limited resources. Consider doing a 180 turn and reaching out to a smaller audience. Becoming an expert in one area makes you the person that many will reach out to and connect with as a valuable resource.

There are three things to consider when you are creating content to establish yourself as an authority. Is what you have to say valuable information for the reader, is it relevant to the audience you want to reach, and is there something that you have to offer that is different from what can be found in other sources? The trick is to make something personal from you and personable for the readers. Your spin on a topic or the details you give will make a tremendous difference. Even though you may have fewer numbers to show, relationship and interaction is of far more importance.

Finding YOUR people may seem daunting in the beginning, but there are ways. Facebook ads can now be specifically targeted to those you consider to be your niche audience. It can be frustrating to have to pay to be seen on Facebook, but the investment can be well worth the return. Sponsored posts are an excellent way to let people know more about who you are and what you have to say.

As you gather more people in your circle, you may seriously consider a more intimate Facebook group. Not only is it a better alternative to relying on the algorithms of Facebook, it is easier to create your niche content and see what works—and what doesn’t. One word of caution is to be leery of the Facebook language within groups; it is now changing from Invite Members to Add Members or Suggested Members, but people can get angry if added to a group without permission. While you THINK you are inviting someone to join, Facebook automatically adds them. My preference is always to request to join. With a group, you can also maintain more control over privacy.

Once you have found both an audience and your message, continue to grow in knowledge and expertise that will give you the confidence needed to respond when an expert is needed. A small step can lead to larger things when you keep moving forward.

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