Branding 101: What’s In A Name?


Having people find you is vital, so another early branding step is choosing a name. Are you going to be known by your own name (or pseudonym) or will you choose the name of your book, product, film, ministry, or organization? There are several things to consider before you make a final selection. You want a name that can be recognized as a brand. It must be something that is easy to pronounce and not easily confused with another brand, especially one that could possibly be considered trademark infringement.

Should you use an “umbrella” site for all? Some authors and filmmakers have different websites and social media pages for each book or film they make. There are pros and cons to each. Sometimes it ends up with too many pages and sites to juggle, but there is a positive side to having individual sites for each, especially during times of heavy promotion. You can always condense and put each project under a tab on your main website or landing page when you are concentrating on a newer release. Also, it never hurts to have more than one place to be found.

Finally, be prepared to be flexible. It can be extremely frustrating to choose a name and begin to make your website and social media pages just to be hit a roadblock when the name you have carefully chosen is unavailable. It is my belief that consistency is key in good branding, so do your research before building your pages. There are search sites for  domain and usernames that can quickly let you know if your first choice is available. Simply type in the name you want on a site like and you can see if the name is already in use. At this time, Namechk is a FREE site; There are others that offer both free and paid options. Of course .com is still the most desired domain, but there are other options. By using a search site, you can decide whether you want to completely change your original choice or if a little creative tweaking will find an acceptable compromise.

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