Your brand is your image to the world! Are you sure you’re putting forth the right message?


Cheryl Wicker PR Coach DIY branding* Do you need an up-to-date website, logo, or other graphic design that clearly and attractively represents your brand?

* Is your branding hit-or-miss with missing pieces or poorly crafted pieces?

* Are you at a standstill with your branding because you can’t afford high-priced designers and agencies?

* Have you attempted DIY branding but gave up because it was too much trouble or you thought you couldn’t do it?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, you’ll be happy to learn there is a way to have professional branding without breaking the budget!



Schedule a brand assessment with Cheryl WickerApplications are currently being taken for One-on-One Branding Assessment Sessions with me. The sessions are limited to the first five qualified applicants.

In the session, I will review your current branding and show you where the strengths and weaknesses lie as well as inform you of what may be missing or in need of revision. I can recommend how to optimize your brand and tell you what your next steps should be.

(Note: these calls are for action-takers who are serious about creating a professional brand and are actively promoting their brand…or ready to begin promoting it.)

To schedule a session, CLICK HERE.




If you know you are ready for hands-on help in guiding you as you as you create or refine your brand, CLICK HERE for more information on how I can help.


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