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Build Your Brand with New Facebook Groups for Pages


With the recent launch of Facebook Groups for Pages there is now another way for brands, businesses and artists to reach super-fans and related groups as never before. You now have the ability to create groups or to align yourself with other groups. The ability to respond as your page rather than personally in a group is a big advantage in creating community with a common interest. The Admins of Pages have always been able to post in Groups, but it is much better to have your Brand respond.

Exploring the numerous groups already is existence on Facebook will help you see what people want to know. Find the questions you can comment on that can establish yourself as an expert. Answering a question, giving encouragement or posting a link to a blog post that is informational is a great way to create authority for your brand and even to gain more clients and fans. Word of caution, though: READ the RULES of each group…and abide by them. Promotion is not allowed in most private groups. Some allow promotion on certain days or in certain threads. Getting banned by a group may make you a “persona non grata” within your niche so be sure to follow the rules carefully.

You are allowed to join up to 6,000 Groups, so there is sure to be several that are compatible. Or, simply create your own.

Are you unsure if you have the option for Groups on your Page? Look on the left side that gives a list of Tabs for your page. If you do not see Groups as an option, click on Settings. Go to Edit Page (also on the left), and scroll to the bottom to Add a Tab. Click on that and you will find a list of options, including Groups. Simply click Add Tab. You have the option of rearranging the Tabs to fit your needs. When you click on Groups, you have the option of Linking to Groups you are involved with or to Create Groups to match your audience.

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