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How to Create Headlines that Get More Clicks and Conversions


Creating an enticing headline is not easy. If you have been publishing posts and you still don’t see an increase in traffic, you have to look at your strategies again. They might not work well for the people you are targeting.

Take a step back and find the pattern in all the posts that you have made. There is a common quality that makes these posts less enticing for people to read. The headlines might be too boring for them to even consider reading.

There are instances when the tone of the headline is a bit condescending. Instead of helping them out, it is like showing them that they are not stupid enough to know the information.

Once you have identified the problem, the next step is to try alternatives. Use them in creating your next headlines. Analyze the difference in the behavior of the people visiting your site. If it results to increase in traffic, perhaps it works well.

Otherwise, you have to change strategies again. This is how you succeed in convincing more people to click on the headline. It is a constant evaluation process. You can’t get it right by doing it once. There must be thorough analysis so you can find exactly what your target audience wants to read.

Once you have mastered the skill of writing a catchy headline, try to do some more innovations. This will only work for now, but there is no guarantee it will have the same effect in the future.

The infographic below shows the other strategies in creating quality headlines. Try them and see if they are good enough in attracting more people.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions (HowSBO)

Guest Contributor: Sarah Smith is a graphic designer who enjoys using her skills to help bloggers and site owners reach more people. She can’t resist picnics, rom coms, and cat videos.
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