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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy you have worked on so diligently looks good in theory but isn’t working out as you envisioned. Rather than scrap it all as a failed experiment, examine what is wrong…and what is right. A few changes in what you are doing can make a tremendous difference. How often are you posting […]

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Become the Expert: Niche Content

When creating content to be shared, the impulse is to reach as many people as possible. The problem is that there is a lot of competition, and that you may have limited resources. Consider doing a 180 turn and reaching out to a smaller audience. Becoming an expert in one area makes you the person […]

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Always Be Prepared

Have you ever been asked to tell a little about yourself or what you do, and your mind suddenly goes blank? It can happen to the best of us! Attending a networking event or industry party can lead to opportunities for both private conversations or a few minutes to address the audience. You want to […]

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