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Refreshing Older Content



Do you have older content on your site that is still relevant, but needs to be refreshed? Some things remain evergreen, but it is always a good idea to check it out for necessary tweaks. Even your social media pages will have posts that you will occasionally want to share again. Sometimes a person or product may not have had name recognition when the content was originally created, so consider bringing updated content to the forefront for a new audience.

Is the content still getting traffic? If not, there are a number of changes that may be a quick fix. Are you using words that people would normally search? Whether you need to be more specific or if content is too specific, having key words are essential. You want your site to be search engine-friendly, but also people-friendly. Make sure you are using words that people may use to describe your product, ministry, or message. A quick edit to add keywords may be all it takes. While you are editing, also take time to correct spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. What you have missed in an original post may suddenly come to light while viewing it again.

If you have used links, check them again. What may have been a perfect link at one time may no longer exist. It is very frustrating to get an error message. Remove those that no longer work, but I advise going a step farther. Find working links that are relevant to your content. Not only may this give a fresh perspective, but it makes your page or site an up-to-date source. Knowing you stay on top of things leaves a great impression.

Are your photos updated? Prominent photos, especially profile pictures and cover photos on social media, leave the impression that you are no longer interested. Therefore, why should anyone else be interested in learning more. Unless you are going to make relevant changes as they arrive, do not leave a photo that has a date or event that happened in the past. Having them remain on a site is not a problem, but not when left as current. If you have videos that are obviously dated, make sure they are not featured. Appearance means a lot, especially to potential clients, customers, and fans.

The bottom line is that content matters, but there is more than one way to stay active and current. Adding new content is vital to keep your website and social media platforms up-to-date, but never discount the potential of older content. Sometimes just a little touch-up is all it takes to refresh content and bring it back to life.

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