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Social Networks: Are You Linked In?


Many professionals use LinkedIn as a way to keep up with business and employment opportunities. This social networking service can be tougher to navigate than some platforms, but is perfect for the job-seeker or for maintaining contacts within your field. Keeping your profile up-to-date is one thing that many neglect, and I want to share a few tips.

LinkedIn measures your “profile strength” and the closer to 100% you get, the better chance you have of appearing in search results. This means making sure your website and contact info is correct as well as updating work and volunteer experience and adding any new skills. Did you also know you can rearrange sections to make what is important to you more prominent. Simply hover your mouse in the upper right hand area to see how to add more info and the arrows to move a section up or down.

Lisa Rangel, moderator of LinkedIn’s Job Seeker Premium Group and executive resume writer at Chameleon Resumes says, “It remains important to make your profile app friendly, capitalize on the multimedia features, publish on LinkedIn’s Pulse, and make your profile resume-like with personality.”

Rangel suggests the following to update your LinkedIn Profile Trends for 2017:

  • Make your LinkedIn profile dynamic.
  • Change your tagline or first summary sentence to test keywords and reactions to your profile.
  • Tie in achievements to demonstrate your skills.
  • Use all 50 of your allowable skills, but make sure you have achievements outlined for at least the top 10 in the content, summary or employment sections.
  • Make sure the first 170 characters (mobile) and the first 363 characters (desktop) in your LinkedIn Profile Summary have the most important part of your summary.
  • Market your company on your LinkedIn profile.
  • You can now join up to 100 LinkedIn Groups, which maximizes your three-degree reach.

LinkedIn can be used as a “letter of introduction” to people who want to know more about you or as an updated resume that you have readily available. Not everyone is seeking employment or an employee, but LinkedIn is a useful tool to have available. We often search there to look for contact info or bio material, so you definitely want to make sure you keep your info accurate. Now is a perfect time to start or update your LinkedIn profile.

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