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Start with a Local Audience



DIY PR Cheryl Wicker PR coachHaving a message to get out is not always as simple as it seems. Even the perfectly written press release about your book, music release or event may not reach your target audience…especially if you are in competition on a national level. It can be a great idea to start with your local media and build momentum.

Most cities have a local television news station and local newspapers, and even and may even have a small community-centered television show and community social media groups. They are always looking for stories of local interest. An interview is the first step in gaining recognition, and people love to share news about local celebrities. Word-of-mouth has always been the best way to spread news, and it expands further than ever with current technology. Another advantage to getting local press is the experience you will gain in learning how various types of media work and honing your message to the bare facts. The opportunity to expand your story may come, but you need a compact story for more limited time frames.

Your foot in the door locally can easily lead to another step forward. Metro news sources often feature interesting stories about people who live in the state. Of course, national news outlets look for stories in smaller media markets, including television and newspaper. Your story in the local media may catch the attention of the right person leading to opportunities to reach a larger audience.

So lay the groundwork well early. Learn to write a press release that will attract the attention of reporters. Get to know who the local and metro market reporters are and the type stories they cover. Not everyone is going to be interested in what you have to say, so reach out to those more likely to want to talk to you. When you know who are more likely to be interested, it will increase your confidence level in approaching and being interviewed. Start local, but get prepared for the world to be your stage.

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