Starting With the Basics



Most people today are aware that an internet presence is vital for any business or product to make a serious impact. With so many being connected to the internet, especially with mobile devices, the first instinct is to go online when searching for a product or service. Addresses, prices, reviews and more are easily within the click of a few keys and you do not want to be unavailable.

A website is one of the first places to start. You have a choice between hiring a professional or using one of the do-it-yourself services. The cost and your level of expertise are factors, but, keep in mind, that a website that is out of date, hard to negotiate, or visually unappealing is a reflection of how most will perceive you and your business. People want to find the information immediately or they will move on to another site.

If your business is a physical location, give an address, hours of operation, and a telephone number. If you are selling a product, how can people purchase it? Make sure any links to purchase are clearly visible. Some info can be found through a drop down info, but, in my experience, it is better to have your main features easily accessed with no need for exploration. Contact info is vital, with a minimum of a phone number and/or an email or contact form. Equally as important is to make sure you respond quickly when someone reaches out to you.

Update your website as frequently as needed also.  This is especially important if you have events, blogs or other dated material. Are reviews available? The more information available on your website, the better. If people have to leave your site, it decreases the chance of a return visit.

Links to your social media sites are also a must. It is preferable that the links open a new tab instead of pulling the viewer away from your site. Being able to quickly connect with you in other areas without having to return to your website may seem like a small thing, but the little details really do make a difference. Of course, you also want to make sure each of your social media sites is up to date. If you appear not to care, why should anyone else want to connect with you?


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