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Social Network

Social Networks: Are You Linked In?

Many professionals use LinkedIn as a way to keep up with business and employment opportunities. This social networking service can be tougher to navigate than some platforms, but is perfect for the job-seeker or for maintaining contacts within your field. Keeping your profile up-to-date is one thing that many neglect, and I want to share […]

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Starting With the Basics

Most people today are aware that an internet presence is vital for any business or product to make a serious impact. With so many being connected to the internet, especially with mobile devices, the first instinct is to go online when searching for a product or service. Addresses, prices, reviews and more are easily within […]

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Laying the Groundwork to Gain Contacts

Journalists are one of the main influencers you need to appeal to when it’s time to get your product or message to the public, but there is more to it than a simple phone call or email. They get overwhelmed with people who are wanting help. However, helping you is not their job. Journalists want […]

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