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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy you have worked on so diligently looks good in theory but isn’t working out as you envisioned. Rather than scrap it all as a failed experiment, examine what is wrong…and what is right. A few changes in what you are doing can make a tremendous difference. How often are you posting […]

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Starting With the Basics

Most people today are aware that an internet presence is vital for any business or product to make a serious impact. With so many being connected to the internet, especially with mobile devices, the first instinct is to go online when searching for a product or service. Addresses, prices, reviews and more are easily within […]

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Networking 101

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’? Granting that there is credence in that idiom, the first step is learning where and how to get to know prospective customers or the people who can lead you to those prospects. That’s where networking comes in! There’s a plethora of social […]

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