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Build Your Brand with New Facebook Groups for Pages

With the recent launch of Facebook Groups for Pages there is now another way for brands, businesses and artists to reach super-fans and related groups as never before. You now have the ability to create groups or to align yourself with other groups. The ability to respond as your page rather than personally in a […]

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Team Building: Assigning Roles

  Are you the head of an organization or an individual musician or author trying to do it all yourself? This can quickly become a nightmare, so building a team to assist is essential. Whether you use paid employees, volunteers, or a mixture of both, it is vital that each team member knows what they […]

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Branding 101: What’s In A Name?

Having people find you is vital, so another early branding step is choosing a name. Are you going to be known by your own name (or pseudonym) or will you choose the name of your book, product, film, ministry, or organization? There are several things to consider before you make a final selection. You want […]

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