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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy


The social media strategy you have worked on so diligently looks good in theory but isn’t working out as you envisioned. Rather than scrap it all as a failed experiment, examine what is wrong…and what is right. A few changes in what you are doing can make a tremendous difference.

How often are you posting and is it consistent? You will find experts who will convince you that you should be posting multiple times daily, some say once per week, and others offer different “sure-fire” methods. Keep in mind that the same strategy does not work for all. If you notice that you are losing followers or people are turning off notifications, you may be overwhelming people. But, don’t post so rarely that people forget about you. Once a day is a good guideline until you see what works.

Change the content a bit. Memes, videos, and pictures may say one thousand words and are certainly better than long winded posts, but are you using what resonates with your intended audience? Use those that are likely to elicit a response. Asking a question is often a good way to have engagement with a post. The “Share and Type Amen” type may seem to work, but simply annoy many others. Trial and error can pinpoint what works most often for you.

Sharing articles and blog posts of others can bring in new people. Perhaps you can find tips that your fans would find useful. Don’t be afraid to share what others have to say. A following on social media does not have to consist of people who only listen to your voice. We also live in a current climate of even the most innocuous articles bringing discord, so you may want to avoid more controversial posts unless you have someone who can monitor the conversation and quickly respond. Again, this all depends on what your page is all about and the audience you wish to engage.

Are you trying to reach too broad of an audience, or perhaps, too specific? People’s interests and ages also may affect the social media platforms they prefer. Facebook is the standard we all currently go by, but you can discount Twitter, Instagram and others. Experiment with just a few, no more than 3 or 4, to help define your audience. The same posts can be modified to be used across several platforms, but try to have exclusive content for each also. Have posts or sponsor a contest strictly for followers on one platform.

Advertise! A marketing budget has become a must. Whether it is all algorithms or simply being lost in the crowd on social media, people may simply not seeing what you have to offer. Try boosting a post for just a few dollars. You can create a targeted audience that puts your content in front of people who share a common interest or location. It is far better to experiment at a lower cost in the beginning than to splurge a lot of money and hoping for the best. Casting a wide net may bring in a few, but is it economically sound?


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