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Which Comes First: The Email List or the Product?


Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner of LaunchTeam and receive compensation from the affiliate link in this post.


Book publishing has undergone major changes in recent years, making publishing your own book much easier and potentially lucrative than ever before. Ten years ago, if you wanted to write a book, you had to be either famous or wealthy. So, the process was:

  1. Become wealthy / famous
  2. Write a book to strengthen your credibility and brand

Not so anymore! The process has now flip-flopped. You can first write a book to build your brand and following…before you are recognized as an expert in your field. And the best part? You can start building that following as soon as the book becomes an idea.

This concept involves building a “launch team.” It’s a secret weapon that best-selling authors like Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins all utilize—to improve their launches and push their books to the top of the charts.

So, what exactly is a launch team anyway? Glad you asked! A launch team is a curated group of super fans who want to support your launch, simply because they believe in your work. Now, you might think these people are just your family and friends. But this is not the case. While a few of your friends will participate in your marketing strategy, you typically, need to seek people out in your target market.

That’s why my friend and two-time bestselling author Jesse Trevelow created LaunchTeam. (Fitting name, huh?). The platform is designed to help you grow and mobilize a group of early supporters.

He just released a free video series to help you supercharge your next book launch. And he let me in on a little secret, too: He’s offering a bonus at the end that’ll give you a HUGE discount on LaunchTeam, his new marketing platform for authors. To sign up, just click the link below.

Learn how to 10X your email list with a book, PLUS get special access to LaunchTeam (affiliate link).

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